Aeropost carries tens of thousands of items per day
for the world’s largest shippers to Latin America and the Caribbean

Our systems are proven and our capacity to handle large volumes into dozens of markets that are typically difficult to serve is endorsed by world-class companies with stringent requirements. With more than 28 years of experience in Latin America and the Caribbean, we’ve built the most efficient, secure and flexible asset-based platform for shipments and last-mile delivery available anywhere.

Introducing ASAP…
The Aeropost Shipper Access Program


With ASAP, parcels flow from your distribution centers through our proven delivery network directly to consumers and businesses in more than a dozen key markets. All ASAP parcels flown by us are charged on Aeropost True Weight, not dimensional weight.

A complete set of data exchange tools and methods make implementation fast and operation frictionless. ASAP provides comprehensive real-time tracking information plus full support from Aeropost’s local customer service staff ensures rapid exception resolution and customer satisfaction.

Flexible options:

With two logistics options, ASAP is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing shipping processes.

ASAP Miami takes full advantage of the services offered at Aeropost’s 177,000 square foot Miami logistics hub. ASAP Direct lets you send parcels to Aeropost markets using your own carriers.

In both cases, Aeropost manages the importation process, pays duties and taxes upon entry and handles the last mile delivery. ASAP is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) service to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and eliminate the risk of abandoned parcels.

The Process

Sending parcels through ASAP begins with an advance shipping notification before parcels arrive in the Miami hub or, in the case of ASAP Direct, in the destination country. The ASN triggers several processes including import documentation creation, initial customs declarations, consignee identification, delivery address confirmation and tracking event display.

Certain countries require specific consignee information including a government-provided tax identification number. Consumers in Chile, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, for example, are accustomed to providing this number but since most US shippers do not capture it as part of the transactional data set, the missing information leads to delays in clearing customs. For any parcel missing this information, Aeropost automatically places the shipment on hold in Miami, contacts the consignee then ships the parcel as soon as the necessary information is received.

All parcels sent through ASAP include complete real-time track and trace visibility with multiple scans per location. ASAP returns 29 different tracking statuses, which are returned via the ASAP API and visible on Aeropost’s tracking portal. Consignees can also opt into tracking email and text notifications.

ASAP Integration

ASAP services are best consumed through the well-documented SOAP API. Aeropost also provides a simple FTP solution to drop e-manifests and upload parcel information and commercial invoices in PDF form. Your account manager along with Aeropost’s engineers, will direct the setup and integration process, provide detailed training materials and work with your team to be sure the system is being used to its full potential.

Contact Aeropost for more information about the ways ASAP can make Latin America and the Caribbean accessible.