Forecasts consistently identify LATAM
as the fastest growing eCommerce region in the world.

Our markets are exploding with opportunity. With a lack of local assortment and brands, the region’s 250 million internet users order billions of dollars in merchandise from the US each year. Year-over-year growth has been strong and forecasts consistently identify LATAM as the fastest growing eCommerce region in the world.

Aeropost knows Latin America and the Caribbean. Our brand is local in the region, and it’s trusted and strong. Millions of people rely on us as the bridge between their home countries and the products they want to buy from abroad. Aeropost is involved throughout the customer journey and we have a direct view of where they shop, what they buy and how they pay. We unlock choices for Latin buyers and this opens big opportunities for retailers, distributors and brands in the US.

The Marketplace is a destination site filled with product from US retailers and brands for people who are ready to buy. It is configured for seamless promotions and features a checkout with a variety of local payment and currency options. Getting on board is easy — just provide a catalog feed so we can add your product to our PIM then watch the magic happen. is powered by proprietary technology that normalizes product feeds, automatically classifies products for customs, and calculates duties, taxes and import charges to present buyers with the full landed cost of the items they want. It is unique because it is harmonizes on the fly. This means any item from any source can be sold at an all-inclusive price with no cumbersome catalog transformations to support global sales. We take what you have and make it work for cross-border buyers. Simple. connects you with eager buyers across Latin America and the Caribbean but that’s just the start. We actively market across the region via email, social, partner-driven messaging, point of sale promotions and other online and offline media. Whether you’re entering LATAM for the first time or looking for new ways to drive sales in the region, not only can we provide the exposure but we’ll also help with messaging and localization so you can build trust with buyers.


What about getting product into the customer’s hands? We’ve got that covered, too. Not only do we market and sell the product, we also handle shipping and delivery through our fast, reliable and secure delivery network. Aeropost delivers in 38 countries but all you have to do is ship your parcels to Miami and we handle the rest.

Selling on is Simple.

Just contact us and we’ll talk through what’s involved.